What is FLL?

FLL, or FIRST Lego League, is a robotics competition for grades 4-8. In FLL, there are two parts to the challenge, the first is a research project where the teams identify a real-world problem or challenge, and come up with solutions. The second part is building and programming a robot that is capable of completing challenges, all of which are surrounding a general theme. Each match is 2 1/2 minutes, and students must have a program that allows the robot to complete as many tasks as they can correctly it that time. Students can use things like sensors to aid them in their work. One sensor allows the robot to follow a black and white line, and another is a touch sensor that helps by indicating if you hit something.

The 2016-2017 challenge is Animals Allies. This year's challenge deals with the relationship between animals and humans. Some of the challenges on the field include Shark Shipment which entails moving a shark in a tank from one place to another, Service Dog Action where the robot drives over a lever to cause a dog to sit, Feeding includes moving different pieces of food to different animals on the field, Milking Automation tasks the robot with pushing a lever until white pieces, or milk, come out; push too far and manure comes out too! Other scoring options include moving pieces on top of others and moving pieces back to the home base.


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