Northern Maryland District

The RoboBees attended the FIRST Robotics Northern Maryland District event in Owings Mills, Maryland on March 17-19. There were 39 teams in attendance and each were scheduled in 17 qualifying matches for a total of 78 matches. The RoboBees won 12 and lost 5 of their qualification matches leaving them ranked 3rd going into alliance selection. The RoboBees invited Team 4638 the Jagbots from Germantown, Maryland, and Team 6584 the AHC Transformers, an all girl rookie team from Kensington, Maryland, who both graciously accepted. The alliance won both of their quarter final matches easily reaching the Semifinals. The RoboBees lost the first semifinal match, won the second match , and lost the tiebreaker. The RoboBees were awarded the Engineering Inspiration Award at this event, and they managed to achieve all 4 rotors, three times. One of the 4 rotor matches was during qualification matches, the next was during quarterfinals creating an event high score of 445, and the last time was during Semifinals.


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