St. Mary's County Fair 2017


On September 22, 2017 from 9 to 1, The RoboBees attended the St. Mary’s County Fair and had robot demonstrations in the pavilion. Both the 2016, and 2017 FRC robots, along with an offseason  FTC robot with tank treads were on hand for the kids to see in action. Young kids visiting the fair had the opportunity to drive all three robots, and got to play with the FRC robots showing their unique abilities. The 2016 FRC robot with its front intake, made it possible for the kids to play “soccer” by kicking the ball to the robot which would then pick up the ball from the ground and then shoot it back. The 2017 FRC robot and its unique target tracking ability would locate the target and then launch several balls at a time into the air for the kids to catch. When driving the FTC robot, the young drivers were tasked with pushing balls of varying sizes into two different taped off goals providing them for a bit of a challenge. Hundreds of kids came through the pavillion to see the robots and to take a turn at driving.  It was a great turn out at the Fair as always!

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