2011 - Logomotion

2011 - Logomotion Game Field

> Two alliances of three teams each compete on a 27' x 54' field to create the FIRST logo using inflatable inner tubes. By creating the FIRST logo using the game elements you will earn points with bonuses available during autonomous mode. During the finale, robots will deploy "mini bots" on their alliance pole for bonus points.

> Dimensions at start of game must be 28" x 38" x 60"
> 60" diameter vertical right cylindrical volume during playing configuration.
> Weight not to exceed 120 lbs., excluding batteries and bumpers.

Game Play Rules:
> Robots may not possess more than one game element at a time
> Popped game elements remain on the field until the end of the match
> No robot is allowed to enter their opposing team's zone

Game Play:
> Autonomous
- 15 Seconds
- Robots attempt to place yellow "ubertube" game components on their rack to add bonus points later in the game
> Teleoperated
- 2 Minutes*
- Human players help control the robots and add game components to the field to create a FIRST logo
- Final 20 seconds
- Robots attempt to deploy their mini bot's to climb up their alliance pole for bonus points.

>Autonomous period - Ubertubes are scored during this period. If they are scored during autonomous they are worth the points listed below.
- Top Rack - 6 Points
- Middle Rack - 4 Points
- Lower Rack - 2 Points

>Teleoperated period - Game pieces placed over an ubertube are worth double points. If the game elements are placed in a Triangle, Circle, Square pattern the score of the entire row is effectively doubled.
- Top Rack - 3 Points
- Middle Rack - 2 Points
- Lower Rack - 1 Points

>Finale - Minibot race
- 1st Minibot to reach the top - 30 Points
- 2nd Minibot to reach the top - 20 Points
- 3rd Minibot to reach the top - 15 Points
- 4th Minibot to reach the top - 10 Points

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