2015 - Recycle Rush

The 2015 game is Recycle Rush. Played on a 27' by 54' field with storage totes, recycling bins, and pool noodles. Scoring is performed by stacking gray totes in their designated scoring zones and placing the recycling containers on top of those stacks. Pool noodles are used as the last game piece called "litter" and can be scored in multiple ways.

2015 Game Field

2015 - Recycle Rush Game Field

Throughout the match there are two distinct game modes, autonomous and tele-operated mode. A 15 second autonomous mode starts the match where the robots move fully autonomously around the field without any human interaction. Once autonomous mode ends a 2 minute 15 second tele-operated mode starts. Students from each team take control of the robots and guide them through the match. Contrary to previous few years, this is less of a competition against the other alliance and more of a race against time. Qualification matches are no longer marked as win/loss and instead teams are ranked by their average game score. With 11 different ways of scoring throughout the match, things will be interesting.

Scoring Table


While stacking totes during autonomous and tele-operated mode can score us points for our own alliance, stacking the special yellow vision target totes in the "Step" zone can also yield coopertition points for both alliances. Both alliances can work together to stack a total of four yellow totes on the center "Step" which will award both teams with 40 points.

Game Animation

(Information taken from the 2015 Recycle Rush Manual)

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