Basic Sensors

Sensors Basics – featuring the Finite State Machine.  The FSM has incredible utility when used in conjunction with sensors to automate robot mechanisms.  A detailed example of an actual robot FSM is explored to illustrate the automation of game piece management … and freeing the driver/operator to focus on higher level tasks!  Also included are descriptions of many specific sensors The RoboBees have used, reviewing how they work, common applications, and what to watch out for.  Then there’s LabVIEW examples on how to use Rate Gyro’s, Encoders, Sonars, and Hall Effect sensors to perform common robot tasks, like the dreaded Drive Straight and accurately controlling the speed of a Shooter Wheel!  Want to be a Sensor Warrior?  Just master the knowledge contained on these 141 slides …u!

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Proper implementation and integration of sensors into your robot's subsystems is the key to maximum success for on the field performance. Learn the tricks of the trade form one of Maryland's most experience and successful teams.
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