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Control System Beta Presentation
Presentation going over the new 2015 Control System.
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Build Information Sheet
This document contains the Game Level Objectives (GLO) we decided on during Week 1 of the 2014 build season. This document was constantly revisited for design decisions. The document also went through some minor revisions as the season unfolded; we had to adapt to how the game was actually being played. We hope this document... Continue Reading
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2015 Alpha Control System
FIRST and National Instruments has announced the new RoboRIO controller for 2015. It's smaller, faster, and more powerful than its predecessors with new capabilities such as USB. Learn from Alpha Testers on Team 836 all about the new controller!
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2013 Ultimate Ascent LabVIEW Control Code Zip
FRC Team 836, The RoboBees full release of Ultimate Ascent LabVIEW code The RoboBees 2013 FRC entry, Frizz Bee, is a from-the-Tower high goal shooter, differentially steered, normally aspirated 30-point climber, with a 3-disc Autonomous. For a full overview of the LabVIEW Code, a ReadME has been included in the download detailing the major systems,... Continue Reading
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Control Systems Theory Of Operations
These documents were developed by the Robobees Command and Control Team / Mechanical Team to describe the theory of three different subsystems of our 2013 FRC robot. The documents detail the operation of the disk collection and shooting system version, climbing subsystem, and autonomous modes for the FIRST FRC 2013 game Ultimate Ascent. This is... Continue Reading
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The Robobees 2013 Climb Mechanism
Cad models of The RoboBees Climbing System with a small amount of explanation. This was distributed internally to the team during the development of the climb system and was used by the Command and Control Team to understand the climb system allowing most of the code to be written before it was even assembled!
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2013 FRC Quick Wiring Reference
This excel spreadsheet is used by the Command and Control Team and the Electrical Team during the first part of the six week crunch to plan and ensure we don't require more PWM or DIO then available on a digital side car. Since it was used during planning all the data the Command and Control... Continue Reading
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