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Advanced Control System Techniques
Features of the Control System which can make your life easier and improve your robot performance.
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Advanced Sensor Integration
Advanced Sensor Integration – the Power of Algorithms.  Goal seeking.  You don’t know it yet but it’s exactly what your next robot needs.  Without going into Control Theory, the PID Feedback controller is reviewed with emphasis on the mysterious how to tune it.  Watch cool videos of actual RoboBees robots performing goal seeking behavior.  Check... Continue Reading
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Analyzing Scouting Data With Advanced Analytical Tools
Team XXXX claims their robot walks on water while scoring 300 points per game, and wants your robot to "just play defense". What do you do? You finally made the top 8, and will be picking alliance partners, but your are at the Outer Volngolia Regional and don't know any local teams. Who do you... Continue Reading
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Basic Sensors
Sensors Basics – featuring the Finite State Machine.  The FSM has incredible utility when used in conjunction with sensors to automate robot mechanisms.  A detailed example of an actual robot FSM is explored to illustrate the automation of game piece management … and freeing the driver/operator to focus on higher level tasks!  Also included are... Continue Reading
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Build Season Planning
This brief contains a high level schedule, strategy for technical reviews, and our new weight management system. This brief was given by the team's program manager to the student leaders and mentors prior to kickoff. This schedule, or plan of attack, is not an absolute system. This is our first year trying this aggressive of... Continue Reading
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Chairman's Award Presentation
Three Time Chairman's Award winner, Team 836 will briefly share their ideas on Chairman's Award preparation, interviews, and submissions and then open up the floor for discussions on what makes a Chairman's Award Winner. The presentation discussions will be lead by current mentor of The RoboBees and four time regional Chairman's Award recipient, Erik Wood.
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Drivetrain Basics
This presentation discusses the basics about drivetrains. This is meant to provide a brief overview of the common drivetrains in FRC. I would not view this as an all inclusive presentation, but should be more than enough to get you started.   A few of these slides were shown at the workshops held at George... Continue Reading
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Electrical Wiring and Hardware
This presentation goes over the basics of what the electrical components in a FIRST KOP (Kit of Parts) is, and how to wire them. We have also provided some handy tips and tricks that will save you time (and hopefully come electrical components!).
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Engineering Design Process
Design methodology is a critical, but underused element during the rush of Build Season. Learn Best Practices from Engineer and Mentor Tim Miedzinski that will put you ahead of the game.
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Pneumatics 101
This document pertains to the basic principles of pneumatics, their operation, and the necessary calculations to size a system. There are a few example problems that solve for the actuator size, number of air reservoirs, and force output. That's how you do it!
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Pre-Competition And Offseason
What do you do when your robot is "in the bag" waiting for the next competition can be as important as what you do during the Build Season. The best teams as constantly improving by developing new capabilities, perfecting skills, and appreciating the changes in game play that occurs during the competition season. Likewise the... Continue Reading
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Robot Automation
How much is five seconds worth to your driver on the field?  Learn about taking some of the load off your driver and get the most performance out of your robot.
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Team Structure And Organization
As most robotics team fall into the generalization that the people are technical experts, it is very easy to overlook team structure and organization. This workshop will teach you the importance of a well constructed foundation for your team. The RoboBees will share some of their experiences in their recent organization restructuring and provide some... Continue Reading
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Websites and Media
This presentation covers basic concepts how how to develop a FIRST website, including content, code, and best practices. Also included are guidelines on how to present your media, and basic media concepts for your FRC team.
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