FIRST Team 836, is split up into multiple sub-teams to deal with different aspects of the FIRST robotics challenge. We have split our team into three major sub-teams (although they are each divided themselves), each of which is defined and explained below.

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

The Mechanical Design and Manufacturing team is tasked with designing and fabricating all mechanical aspects of the FRC robot. From learning how to design a suitable drive chassis to fabricating the object manipulator for the current year's game, this sub-team does it all. This sub-team has been broken up into two areas of expertise, while all the students on the Mechanical Design and Manufacturing team will be taught how to design and manufacture, each student can explore their own interests.


Students interested in the design portion of the Mechanical sub-team will focus their efforts on learning how to use our 3D modeling software of choice, SolidWorks. Each year the team is donated 30+ SolidWorks licenses to use during the FRC season. These students will be trained on not only how to use the program, but be encouraged to design components of the robot.


Manufacturing is what is more commonly referred to as a "hands-on" activity. Students that choose to be more deeply involved in the manufacture and fabrication of the robot are normally found tinkering with components in the shop. These students not only get training on how to properly use all hand tools and get taught proper technique for fabrication, but they also become familiar with the shops more "fun" pieces of equipment. These students get hands on time working with the shops Mill and Lathe, and become our go-to people when a detailed part needs to be created.

Command, Control, and Power (CCP)

The Command, Control, and Power sub-team was created out of the combination of our previous Command & Control and Electrical sub-teams. Students on these two different sub-teams expressed interest in learning the one or the other, but be versed in both! Just like the Mechanical Design and Manufacturing sub-team, CCP is divided into areas of expertise as well.

Command & Control

Very similar to our previous sub-team, these students will focus more strongly on the programming side of the robot. LabVIEW is our language of choice and each student will be taught how to utilize LabVIEW to it's full extent thought practice problems and real life problem solving. These students are in charge of maintaining the code database for our FRC team while assisting our FTC teams as well. Students are given a copy of LabVIEW to install on their personal computers so their can practice their stills at home.

Power (Electrical)

While all of the CCP students will learn how to fabricate cables and the proper technique for running wires throughout the FRC robot, these students will be provided a more in-depth training on electrical systems. Students who have chosen Power as their area of choice will be taught more advanced concepts like Ohms law and Kitchhoff's circuit laws. Our custom electrical circuits and sensors are developed by these students with the help of mentors, sensors such as our break-beams which have been progressively improved since our 2011 season.

Community Outreach and Public Relations (COPR)

Community Outreach and Public Relations (or COPR as we lovingly refer to it as) is the half of the team that deals with everything *not* robot related! These students are responsible for our Chairman's Award presentations, business plans, trip planning, and even our theme for the year. COPR has been divided into three different subsections to help manage the extreme amount of work that is required to keep this team running.


These students will be responsible for planning and developing all award submissions. This is a diverse group of students to help address the many award projects and how they differ from each other. From the Chairman's Award presentation team, to the pit reps who are trained to be ambassadors not only for our team, but for FIRST itself. These students will also assist our sponsored FLL and FTC teams with their award submission planning and presentations.


Without this next set of students, the team would not be able to function from year to year. These are the students who are responsible for the generous donations and sponsorship's required to keep this team running. Presentations to new (and old!) sponsors are not uncommon for this group of presenters but are an excellent way to have students learn proper etiquette when working in a business place. This group holds a close relationship with our sponsors to keep them updated on our current activities and achievements.


Media is responsible for developing all media presentation efforts to support the Awards and Presentation students. All media publications are created by the students on this sub-team. They also document all of our activities for archival purposes and for documentation on this very website. Content that can be seen on this website has been created by past and present Media students. Pictures and Videos are collected from each event The RoboBees participate in, and are posted to our Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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